Talking to: Battle Scars Project

I really want to start this out with a little apology to everyone reading—I’m not the best at interviews and am still learning. I sent Jana these questions one by one over email and she answered them so beautifully. I know emotions are difficult to convey through typed words, but I’m trying my best!

This girl is such a bubbly person with such an infectious personality! I really wanted to get a deeper understanding of why she started this project, and clearly she’s helped do just that for me. Without further ado, here’s an exclusive interview with Jana Schulze, Paige Turco’s biggest fan, and the wonderful mind behind the Battle Scars Project—one of ConGeda’s charity partners!


Introduce yourself a little–who are you, where are you from, whatever information you’re comfortable giving!

My name is Jana, I’m 23 years old, I’m from Stuttgart (Germany) and I’m a cat mom of three girls.

I love writing, reading, video editing, photography, pyrography (wood burning) and drawing.

My friends often tell me I’m a loyal, passionate, stubborn, cat loving person. The biggest flaw of mine is that I feel too much. So if you wrong me/hurt me, I will hold grudges for a very, very long time. But I’m working on it because that’s no way to live.

Other than that, I love Nature and animals a lot. Hiking is something I enjoy immensely! Or ice skating or sleeping.

Sleeping (or lying in bed) is awesome!

How were you introduced to The 100?

Through my best friend. She’s a huge Bellarke shipper and through her videos (she’s Fridaydayy on YouTube), and constant insisting, I decided to give the show a try and the first moment Abby Griffin appeared on my screen I was sold and couldn’t stop watching.

So it’s actually all her “fault” I love and adore this show so much

Hahaha that’s perfect! How long after it first aired was this?

Well I made my first Kabby Video between the 5th and 6th of January 2015, so like 6 3/4 – 7 months after the first season aired in the US!

I mean she tried ever since she started the show, but after I visited her she was able to pursue me to watch it!

Haha I love it! Tell us more about this project. What is it and what motivated you to start it?

The Battlescars Project raises money for the International Power of Pain Foundation and awareness about Chronic Pain.

The International Power of Pain Foundation raises awareness and educates people about chronic pain worldwide and it was important to me that it’s international, because there are people worldwide who suffer from chronic pain and everyone deserves the best resources and knowledgeable doctors.

What motivated me to start was is that I suffer from chronic pain too, so it’s really dear to my heart.

It started when I was nine years old and both of my ankles started to hurt. It took me over an hour to get back home from school (it’s a 10 Minute walk).

My mom told me I was crawling and at first my parents thought I had poliomyelitis until an arthroscopy and MRT scans around the age of 10/11 showed it’s actually Osteochondritis Dissecans, short OCD or OD. OD is a joint disorder, where blood gets deprived from the subchondral bone (a bone lying under cartilage and yes, I had to google it) and the loss of blood flow causes the bone to die. The dissection of cartilage and bone, and the free movements of them within the joint, cause pain.

No Doctor knew how I got it, since I never had an ankle injury, but we (my parents and I) think it might’ve been because when I was born my heartbeat slowed down. They had to get me and my feet didn’t get enough oxygen (hence not enough blood flow) because of my slowing heart.

I had multiple operations and after my big, but unsuccessful, op at the age of 18 (they took cartilage and bone from my knee) my doctor told me a year later that it will never go away, cause 4 months after the operation I got cysts in my bone again, even though they removed the dead bone and cartilage and replaced it with good bone and cartilage from my knee. I have around 20 degree less movement in my left ankle now.

And I really hope that more people learn about Chronic Pain, that it’s real and that they try not to brush it under the rug.

I’m really sorry to hear that! Is that why you chose Raven as your mascot?

Aw don’t be! How are you?

Yeah, Raven is the only good representation I have since there are not many chronic pain characters out there. I know about around 7 (including Raven) and I don’t feel as represented as I do with Raven as with the rest of them (I still have to watch Nurse Jackie and Neighbours at some point though).

Here’s the list, in case you are interested:

* Raven Reyes (The 100)
* Gregory House (House M.D)
* Claire Simmons (Cake)
* Logan (Logan)
* Hazel (The Fault In Our Stars)
* Jackie Peyton (Nurse Jackie)

I’m good! Just trying to sleep properly at nights but it ain’t happening, haha!

What is sleep? I don’t know her.

I really need to rewatch Nurse Jackie for sure. Though I’ve never heard of Cake!

I hope to find a stream somewhere, where I can watch it. Cause I doubt German Netflix or amazon have it!

I feel you on Raven though! She’s been my gal since the day they introduced her. Plus, her being in a brace really got me, mostly because I spend a lot of time in a knee brace myself.

I’m glad you do! And that’s why I started it, because WE are underrepresented and we deserve to be represented as well. That’s what makes her so important, cause so many actually relate to her! I don’t wear a brace for my ankle, cause if I would my already weak muscles would weaken some more (I always listen to my sister and she’s a damn good Nurse). But how she feels and her expressions when she’s in pain and everything else, so many of us get it and I really hope she’ll never bet taken from us!

I love that you started this project. It’s so inspiring and powerful for those who feel underrepresented. Are you planning on having any merch made to help with fundraising?

I am! I’m working on it, but it’ll take some time since I work 8h a day (10h if you count when I get to work and when I get home) and am pretty exhausted afterwards and often I can’t get what I imagine like I want it to. I want it to be perfect.

That’s awesome! What are you planning on doing? And is there any way other people can help you out in any way?

I thought of doing something that I can sell on redbubble and on bonfire. And I’m planning on asking friends of mine who are really, really awesome with digital art!

Haha! Well I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

I honestly can’t wait too!

So who is your favorite character on the show?

Well my absolute favourite is Abby! Raven and Marcus are my second favs.

Oo!! Tell me a little bit more about why you like them! I’m curious to know!

Abby because she’s so selfless, badass, loving, caring, she’s the biggest momma bear, and she’s so smart and does what is right and best for her people. She honestly has the biggest heart and I admire her courage and how she literally gives no fucks about rules and is stubborn as hell. She’s simply amazing and the best and I love my Slytherin Queen so very much!

Raven because she’s so damn smart and badass, sassy, adorable, and how she keeps fighting after all the shit she went through. She has an amazing spirit! And because she’s the best rep I’ve ever had!

Marcus, I loved him even when he was an ass in season 1.

He’s an interesting and complex character who also wants the best for his people. His methods may have differed, but now Abby and Marcus are a team and I love that.

He’s also passionate and would do anything for his people. Also, I love how Abby and Marcus adopted each and every one of the children. They’re the parents of everyone and just want love and peace. Especially Marcus. The things he’d do for peace, ah I love my favourite Hufflepuff boy!

Yaas!! Out of all the characters in the show, who would you say is your spirit animal?


But if character, Abby and Raven I think?

Like if you mean sprite animals who have like my “traits” I guess I’m a mix of different characters. You’d have to ask my friends about that

If you mean spirit animal as guide through life, then Abby & Raven and obviously Paige!

That’s cute! Any message you want to leave everyone with?

I just love & adore Paige so much ️

Surround yourself with people who care about you, who believe in you and who love you. You are worth everything.

There’s only one you and you deserve to have the most happiest life!

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