Spend some time with me.

Emotions are running so high this week it’s left me reeling. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

See, I’ve been trying to start this blog for almost a year now (or even longer… When did Annie come out?) and I couldn’t convince myself that it was a good idea until now. Even then, I just found different excuses to keep myself from knuckling down and just doing it.

You’ll notice I make a lot of excuses as you get to know me better, but I digress.

Look, writing and putting yourself out there on the Internet isn’t easy. The web is so large and endless that it’s easy to get lost (have you seen Pixel Perfect my friends?) or sucked in. I’ve suffered from being lost in my own head and fantasylands, but I also know that writing is a good way to keep myself from falling back into that toxic black hole. So now I’m here.

I don’t expect anyone to like when I’m writing or understand who I am. I don’t even expect people to really read this blog, but I’m still going to make the effort to put in my time and create content that I hope people will enjoy reading and ultimately connect with.

My aim is to cover a range of topics—from personal things, to reviews of movies, books, music, and the like. In a way, this is my diary, my journal—the one I never physically kept but have wanted to for decades.

So hit that follow button and get ready to go on the ride of your life!

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